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With one of the best selections of beer, wine, whiskey, and liquor in the state, it is no wonder that customers come from far and wide to sample our nearly endless selection. We carry legions of labels from wine countries across the globe, vast quantities of vatted, blended, and single malt whiskey from every market, and alluring amounts of ales, stouts, and lagers, from foreign and domestic distributers from the world of beer.

We have 100's of whiskies (over 600 expressions in Feb. 2014). Whiskies from USA, Canada, Ireland, Japan, India, Australia, Austria, England, France, Wales and hopefully soon from Taiwan. We carry numerous expressions of whisky from independent bottlers, including Signatory, Duncan Taylor, Maltman, Gordon & Macphail, Exclusive Malts, Cadenhead, AD Rattaray and others.

We belive in tasting whiskies and hold scores of whisky seminars and try to have our customers interact with experts in the field, Scotch and whisky Ambassadors such as Simon Brooking of Laphroaig and Ardmore, David Blackmore of Glenmorangie and Ardbeg, Andrew Hart of Maltman, Mairead Heavy of Killbeggan, Greenore, Connemara, Ed Kohl of Arran, Kilchoman & Exclusive malts and others