Ilegal Mezcal Joven 750ml
Size: 750ml
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Appearance: Clear as molten glass in the bottle.It is a beautiful thing. On

swirling it leaves a very light coating on the glass which belies its viscosity sitting in the glass it looks like a small puddle of sap or nectar. Quite a striking contrast to most clear spirits such as vodka.

First Impression: Incredibly smoky, phenolic (iodine), some savory, lime, and unfortunately something akin to neoprene, and (unignited) molotov cocktail mix. Then a pineapple smell starts to develop and some sweetness as it aerates a bit.

Taste: Very smoky in a strangely charming sweet way with leather, tobacco oak, alkali. If other young mezcals could be considered similar to Islay single malt scotch, this would be a lowland. Sweet, earthy and savory notes and a lime, pineapple citrus with salt. Develops very quickly but smoke is sweeter than other mezcals.